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Had a sterling time yesterday on the putt putt course at Ryde, dressed to the nines with my fellow min-golfers. An awful lot of inclined planes with not enough interesting obstacles, sadly. The "water course" had precisely zero water features on the holes, which is one less than the "Jungle course". Odd.
Next time, definitely checking out the "Obstacle course".
And there WILL be a next time, mark my words1.

Much fun was had by all. We rotated groups so that people got to play with a variety of folks, which was nice. After our rousing couple of games we repaired to the [ profile] restaurantkiler reservation, where there was chocopolitan ice cream, Donkey Konga, Lego Star Wars and much rejoicing.

Eventually, we bid people adieu and I took Rhi home. Then I dropped into [ profile] casadelatoolia for the late section of their party. Apparently I missed the nudie run2 and subsequent arrest by about ten minutes. Had a nice time chatting with some groovy cats.

When the remaining forces started watching Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, I went home.

A fine evening. :)

1 I won a "bring a friend free" voucher, for getting a hole in one on one of the "magic number" holes.

2 That's right, Greg: naked!

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