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A lot has happened since last time I updated.

Placeholder engagement ring )

Birthday/engagement weekend away )

La boheme )

Actual engagement ring )

Helping people move )

Dan and Jo's party )

Wrought iron and catgirls )

Work, Washing and Wock n' Woll )

Tonight, I get to see Rhiannon again.
Plus: Seeing Kane ([ profile] malinari86) and Kristen ([ profile] thebluefairy) for the first time since their wedding, as they're now returned from their honeymoon.
Plus: Going to see a play ("Emergence", I believe it's called) at the Opera House Playhouse. It has my friend Nick in it.
(above are in descending order of import)

Tomorrow, TAFE class starts back up again. I have a presentation to give. Meh.

"I like to go just like the rest,
I like my sugar sweet
But jumping queues and making haste
Just ain't my cup of meat
Everyone's beneath the trees feeding pigeons on a limb
But when Quinn the Eskimo gets here
All the pigeons gonna run to him"
-The mighty Quinn, Manfred Mann
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As it's been more than two weeks since I actually updated, I thought I'd post before I wink out of existance. :)

More... )
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Okay, third time's the charm.1

So, much shorter version now, as I'm running out of time.

Due to schedule clashes, mum ([ profile] gytha_ogg) and Jenn ([ profile] astridthemighty) couldn't come to the opera last night. Mum's ticket was refundable, Jenn's and my own were not (we're youth subscribers).
So I turned my inveiglements to coaxing the lovely Rhiannon ([ profile] regency_rhi) down from her place in the dress circle to sit with me.
She, in turn, passed on her ticket to Tanith ([ profile] sad_frog).

I feel that this all worked out very well, as they both seemed to enjoy the shows (HMS Pinafore and Trial by jury), no tickets went wasted and I got to attend the opera with a charming lady on my arm. :)

*cuts out most of review*
The shows were very good.
I liked the staging of the Pinafore as an iron battleship.
I liked the hats of the sisters, cousins and aunts.
I liked Corcoran's accent changing suddenly.

Took an under the weather Tanith home, to spare her the bite and the blow as she waited for a bus.
Unfamiliarity with the area, coupled with spontaneous window-fogging, meant we got briefly lost.
Eventually got Tanith home okay.
Then took Rhiannon home before I made my own rest, in order to rise for work this morning.

A smashing evening. Delightful.

1 I typed out a fairly lengthy review/recounting of the evening, while I was stopped off at mum's. Then I pressed "Update Journal" and it took me to the Rich Text editor. Hitting back left me staring at an empty entry window.
Then, once I got home, I rewrote the whole thing from memory.
I pressed "Update Journal" and it took me to the the Customize screen.
This time, I'd Copied the text of it, in preparation for such a possibility.
But the computer seems to have forgot, instead giving me ... nothing.


Jul. 17th, 2005 09:44 am
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I got up at 8.30 this morning.
Which is a little later than usual.
However, I went to bed at 5.30 yesterday afternoon.

Now, admittedly I'd only had probably 5 hours the night before (though they were a remarkably comfortable and restful 5 hours, from which I didn't feel tired until the afternoon), but that's no reason for doubling my usual amount of sleep.

Yesterday, I had a simply marvellous day.
Friday night, Rhi slept over and yesterday we lazed about, watched Black books and ate ice bean (or "soy ice cream", if you prefer), sitting up in bed.

Day in history: Snuggliest.

After I took my Nannon home, I pottered about for a little while, read another chapter of The island of the day before and talked to mum ([ profile] gytha_ogg) about the plans for the evening. We realised that our theatre timing wasn't going to work with Jenn's choir timing, so (combined with me suddenly feeling very tired) we decided to shift the tickets forward to the 6th of next month.
Then, now overcome by weariness, I went to bed.
And so my day ended promptly, just on sunset.

Today, I shall do some washing before I go to work.
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In the golden future time!! )

It's raining. Still.
This is bad for my plans of doing washing, so I'll have nice, clean pants to wear for my interview tomorrow.

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