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As it's now almost three weeks since I last produced an update that could be called anything other than a quiz - or "meme" if that's what you want to call them (that's not what they are, mind; though I don't so much mind them being called "me me"s) - I figured it was about time.

Things have happened. I've been doing stuff.
Being social is nice.

Getting the new series of Worlds Apart moving has been good, over the last couple of weeks.
Tonight's session wasn't quite as punchy as last, but that's to be expected, given that their big confrontation was last session.
Still, they sure did unearth stuff about these weird butterflies, all right. After chasing them around like loonies for a bit. Heh. Good times.
Yay, magic butterflies!
Also managed to get those poor suckers back out of Siberia, to civilisation. Which ends their poacher-hunting adventure and provides a good point for Kane's character to get off at the station, so to speak.
After Kane took Kristen home, the tone seemed to suddenly change (since they were now back in town and able to ponder such things) and now the game is suddenly "fantasy dating". There are those of you in the audience who know what that means.

Search for work: Little to no movement.
Asked Fisher for more information on their current opening. Recieved no reply. Bummer.
Talked to my old manager for advice. Her advice was to settle for whatever I can find, to get my name out there. I guess that's all I can really do.
Certainly if I can't even get further information on a job opening from something that sounds good.

TAFE has been vaguely okay so far. I made it to zero of my first week's classes, due to illness. Last week, not nearly such an issue. Classes seem possibly slightly less crappy.
"Events and Promotions" looks the most interesting so far.
"Database Searching" is dead last, for excitement.

Plans for moving are looking all right. Utilities stuff discussed. Mum found me my heavy gardening gloves (at least I assume it was her; I guess it could have been the Gardening Tool Fairy), so I can pull out this nasty patch of spiky, spiky weediness.
That'll be good. It'll feel like I'm really doing something.

Rhi, speaking of moving:
Obviously the couch-covering we need is the Couch dress!
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Handed in my web design assignment and sat an exam. I was more than half an hour late, because I was still fretting about the page design and tidying bits, despite there being no way they would have been required.
Despite arriving after 6.30, I was out of class before seven. This pleases me.

No more TAFE for the rest of the year!
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Had my last Information Industry class tonight.
Handed in both my assignments, which I finished yesterday, for today.
Had a mock job interview, which recieved applause. Heh.

Second-last class of the year. Hurray!

One left.

In even more pleasant news, beetroot is delicious!
Cherries: Likewise. :)

Two to go

Nov. 29th, 2005 09:58 am
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My third-last "class" of the year. I had my shelving exam.
This took me five minutes.

Now I just have my last Information Industry class tomorrow (including mock job interview) and Web Design on Thursday, then that's it.

What a relief it's going to be.
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-AoA: The swastika and the spear
Played what seemed to me to be the nicest, least extreme conservative of the lot. This wasn't saying all that much, as I was mostly surrounded by rabid, hardline Nazis, but - having signed up for a Nazi game - I was slightly disappointed to have got the most moderate character.
Who was also a bisexual jew.

Felt pretty uninvolved in everything that happened, just being a bystander to things unfolding.
The atmosphere was good, though.
Saw some excellent, fervent performances.
Also some good costuming. Definitely not the spectacle of the last game, but there's only so much spectacle one can manage in conservative suit-wear, as compared to lush Elizabethan garb. :)
I was reasonably pleased with my effort. I think I cut an okay figure.

-Job interview

I think I went fine. Not really anything else to say here.

-Collection maintenance exam

Did this today, instead of the two weeks ago it was meant to be. Finished twenty minutes early, having neatly covered a copy of Kaz Cooke's Get another grip and applied appropriate labels to a video cassette case.

I've just finished my Career Path Report, for my class tomorrow. Off it goes!

Giving Julia a break, I spent last evening with Rhiannon, watching Grey's anatomy and having dinner. It was lovely.
Work and TAFE feel oddly distant these last few weeks, even my social life, to an extent.
But not my Rhiannon. She is so bright and clearly in the middle of my world.
People probably don't need to hear me gush any more, so I'll stop now. :)

All in all, I'm pretty happy.
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I'm back down here in the TAFE library, thanks to there being not enough computers in the classroom for everyone to work at once. So I volunteered to do the excercises (the whole of the work we'd be doing this evening) at home.

Now I'm going to go home I think.


Nov. 3rd, 2005 05:57 pm
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Just about to head into web design. Hope it will be okay.

Tuesday, I went to the cinema by myself, for the second time ever. The first time was almost ten years ago and I disliked the experience so much that I'd eschewed it ever since.
I decided - for reasons that aren't completely transparent to me - to try and berak through what seemed like an almost phobic aversion, so after learning to cover books neatly in contact (and doing a damn fine job on my copy of Archangel, if I do say so myself) I trotted up Broadway and - after a fine lunch at the Landsdowne hotel - into the 1 pm session of Serenity.
Fine film, though I found the waft of Buffy slightly too rank. Enjoyed it a whole hell of a lot, all the same.

Yesterday, Rhi and I went out to lunch with her dad. She - like last time I met him - seemed to dread it more than I thought was really necessary, given how things turned out.
Sure, he likes to talk about the fencing scene a whole lot, but still, I had a pleasant enough time.
Got to see Rhi's old house, which was cool.
I shall be indelicate and say that it made me want to break out the garden shears, but that this is hardly a negative thing, as this domestic urge warms me.
Sure do want this Rhiannon lady in my life, hoo boy. :)

And now, if you will, Mister Music! )
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It's all happening, much though my LJ may not indicate as such lately.

Started my web design module for TAFE yesterday. Relief of reliefs, we're coding in HTML, not working with FrontPage, as I'd been told.
This makes me a much happier me.

Today, I put in my job application to change from casual to permanent part-time.

Tonight, going to a BBQ at Nichi ([ profile] vonwoof) and Charlie's with Rhi ([ profile] regency_rhi).

Most exciting:
Monday, celebrated six months with Rhiannon!
Six unbelievably joyful months already.
Still seems so hard to fathom.

Spent the day watching the whole first season of Coupling, eating cake and chocolate (well, we also ate sandwiches, but who wants to hear about that?), then I went off to work.
Afterward, I collected mum ([ profile] gytha_ogg), Jenn ([ profile] astridthemighty) and Rhi, then we went out to dinner (in aid of our engagement, our six months and my Birthday).
Went to Bogart - a really very nice Italian place snuggled away on Glebe Point Road.
Octopus was tasty.
Veal was yummy.
Tiramisu was scrumptious.
Rhiannon was radiant.
After hearing of our engagement, the host was very excited and insisted on giving us shots of homebrewed limoncello. Lemon sherbets, dissolved in paint thinner, I believe. Strong stuff.
A great night.
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A lot has happened since last time I updated.

Placeholder engagement ring )

Birthday/engagement weekend away )

La boheme )

Actual engagement ring )

Helping people move )

Dan and Jo's party )

Wrought iron and catgirls )

Work, Washing and Wock n' Woll )

Tonight, I get to see Rhiannon again.
Plus: Seeing Kane ([ profile] malinari86) and Kristen ([ profile] thebluefairy) for the first time since their wedding, as they're now returned from their honeymoon.
Plus: Going to see a play ("Emergence", I believe it's called) at the Opera House Playhouse. It has my friend Nick in it.
(above are in descending order of import)

Tomorrow, TAFE class starts back up again. I have a presentation to give. Meh.

"I like to go just like the rest,
I like my sugar sweet
But jumping queues and making haste
Just ain't my cup of meat
Everyone's beneath the trees feeding pigeons on a limb
But when Quinn the Eskimo gets here
All the pigeons gonna run to him"
-The mighty Quinn, Manfred Mann
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ATTN: Jerks
c/o Sydney Institute of TAFE, Ultimo

Fuck you, jerks!



PS. This report is pissing me off.
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Realising it's two weeks since I last posted (and even longer since I posted something meaningful), I'm now getting around to it.

Getting mugged )
Getting things back )

Yesterday, I frittered the day away, reading The fencing master, catching up on online correspondence (my fascination with Infinite Armies grows) and making notes for a TAFE assignment. Blerg.
Went to Flodge. Saw my beloved for the fourth day in a row, which was a joy. Also saw Marc ([ profile] talecrafter), which was cool, as he leaves tomorrow.
Also Tom! ([ profile] furpants_tom)

Norton ([ profile] eganra) didn't run his game last night, so I got to spend more of the evening with my darling, which was a grand surprise. I approve of the cosmos clearing paths for me to see this amazing woman more often, it's good. :)
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In non-chronological order!: )

"I like to wear white in the Winter time
Pay my penance before the crime
Have my reason without the rhyme"
-How do y'all know?, Harry Connick, Jr.
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Monday, you can hold your head )

Tuesday, Wednesday stay in bed )

or Thursday watch the walls instead )

it's Friday I'm in love )

"I believe
In the faithful and true
And I believe in silly things
Like everlasting love"
-Let me die young, Taxiride
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As it's been more than two weeks since I actually updated, I thought I'd post before I wink out of existance. :)

More... )
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Got my results back from TAFE.

Four of my six subjects are Pass/Fail, which I find unhelpful, as marking systems go.
For the other two, I got a Credit and a Distinction.

For those not in the know on such things, TAFE has weird grade breakpoints.

A Credit is 71 and higher,
A Distinction is 83 and above.

Like I said, weird.

Anyway, the upshot is that all is going fine.
Unsurprisingly, I'm mad at myself for only getting a Credit, but that's the terrible perfectionist that's the Benj you all know.

This'll have to do, hey what?
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Due to admin stuff, we didn't start until 6.10.

I've finished.

I'm going home now.
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