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Got up just after six today in order to get off to work by 8.
Work being in Matraville
At the crematorium.
I'm here for the next three weeks, relieving someone who's on leave.
It's pretty quiet right now, as there's not another service until three.

So rainy! It was hailing briefly over here.
It was pitch black when I got out of bed and hasn't brightened up much the rest of the day. I'm so glad that I did lots of washing yesterday. Mmm, nice, clean flannelette sheets.
This morning - besides chill and darkness - brought Rhi making porridge for breakfast to help coax me out of bed. 6 is more her hour than mine, so she was great for getting me going today. It would have been miles harder without her.

I greatly hope that early rising will become easier.

I only just realised quite how long it's been since I updated (May? didn't happen!).
Well, as may be somewhat obvious from my current situation, I signed up with a temp agency. This is the second job they've sent me to (the other was a single day, bundling computer peripherals; I'm liking this one more already).

So, uh, yeah... stuff.
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This EndWeek was the best I've had in years.
Stayed over at Rhi's, then woke up to presents in the morning. We drove over to the flat (where mum, Jenn and I had decided that we'd hold lunch, as mum's place is a mess and mine is, well, a warehouse).
This worked very well, I think. The space was comfortably sufficient for the five of us (Rhi, mum, Jenn, Russell (one of our soon to be neighbours and a family friend), the table worked well, the food was delicious, the presents were pleasing and a good time was had by all.

Everyone seemed to like the things I got for them, which makes me glad.
I received cool stuff, which I can discuss later, if I feel like it.

After lunch (by which I mean about five), Rhi and I said farewell to the others and headed up to Blaxland, to spend the evening with Rhi's dad, Alex.
Had a nice dinner (mmm, avocado and balsamic) and chatted away.
Slept well, then continued outward, past Bathurst, to Wattle Flat, to spend a few days with Rhi's grandmother, Wendy, so we could meet one another.

I like Wendy, she's very friendly, was very welcoming and seemed to approve of Rhiannon's catch. :)
While we were out there, we lazed around a lot and I helped Rhi sort through some stuff she had in storage. She's brought back about 10% of it for keeping (mostly novels she'd been missing and gardening books, as we'll soon have a garden) and 10% to sell.
We got toured around and shown off to people around the area. Saw some gorgeous small holding gardens; Wendy's friend Laurel had this awesome, grape vine-shaded table and a windmill.
We bought a chicken.

New Year's Eve, we went to Sunnyside's party. Rhi reprised her Elizabethan dress (and was braver than I, in that heat), while I went as a leper gravedigger, as I figured a one-piece brown robe was liable to be pretty comfy.
Food was excellent (itemised here), company likewise. Had a high time.

Yesterday, Rhi stayed over and we played Pandemonium (one of her presents which I acquired for her) for much of the day. It was great.
Especially since we could shelter from the FORTY-FIVE DEGREE day.

Returning Rhi home this morn, I dropped by mum's to pick up some washing, to discover that last night's high winds pulled her fence down.
So I spent the rest of the morning sawing, shovelling, hefting, propping and roping the fence back into a semblance of order.
Mum took us out for lunch in Newtown.

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