Nov. 3rd, 2005 05:57 pm
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Just about to head into web design. Hope it will be okay.

Tuesday, I went to the cinema by myself, for the second time ever. The first time was almost ten years ago and I disliked the experience so much that I'd eschewed it ever since.
I decided - for reasons that aren't completely transparent to me - to try and berak through what seemed like an almost phobic aversion, so after learning to cover books neatly in contact (and doing a damn fine job on my copy of Archangel, if I do say so myself) I trotted up Broadway and - after a fine lunch at the Landsdowne hotel - into the 1 pm session of Serenity.
Fine film, though I found the waft of Buffy slightly too rank. Enjoyed it a whole hell of a lot, all the same.

Yesterday, Rhi and I went out to lunch with her dad. She - like last time I met him - seemed to dread it more than I thought was really necessary, given how things turned out.
Sure, he likes to talk about the fencing scene a whole lot, but still, I had a pleasant enough time.
Got to see Rhi's old house, which was cool.
I shall be indelicate and say that it made me want to break out the garden shears, but that this is hardly a negative thing, as this domestic urge warms me.
Sure do want this Rhiannon lady in my life, hoo boy. :)

And now, if you will, Mister Music! )
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Okay, third time's the charm.1

So, much shorter version now, as I'm running out of time.

Due to schedule clashes, mum ([livejournal.com profile] gytha_ogg) and Jenn ([livejournal.com profile] astridthemighty) couldn't come to the opera last night. Mum's ticket was refundable, Jenn's and my own were not (we're youth subscribers).
So I turned my inveiglements to coaxing the lovely Rhiannon ([livejournal.com profile] regency_rhi) down from her place in the dress circle to sit with me.
She, in turn, passed on her ticket to Tanith ([livejournal.com profile] sad_frog).

I feel that this all worked out very well, as they both seemed to enjoy the shows (HMS Pinafore and Trial by jury), no tickets went wasted and I got to attend the opera with a charming lady on my arm. :)

*cuts out most of review*
The shows were very good.
I liked the staging of the Pinafore as an iron battleship.
I liked the hats of the sisters, cousins and aunts.
I liked Corcoran's accent changing suddenly.

Took an under the weather Tanith home, to spare her the bite and the blow as she waited for a bus.
Unfamiliarity with the area, coupled with spontaneous window-fogging, meant we got briefly lost.
Eventually got Tanith home okay.
Then took Rhiannon home before I made my own rest, in order to rise for work this morning.

A smashing evening. Delightful.

1 I typed out a fairly lengthy review/recounting of the evening, while I was stopped off at mum's. Then I pressed "Update Journal" and it took me to the Rich Text editor. Hitting back left me staring at an empty entry window.
Then, once I got home, I rewrote the whole thing from memory.
I pressed "Update Journal" and it took me to the the Customize screen.
This time, I'd Copied the text of it, in preparation for such a possibility.
But the computer seems to have forgot, instead giving me ... nothing.

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