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Rhi and I are almost finished our move into the flat. Over the last week or so, with van-driving assistance from [ profile] gytha_ogg and a family friend, plus the friendly hands-on help of [ profile] sim_james, [ profile] sad_frog and [ profile] furpants_tom, we've successfully:

  • Moved all of Rhi's stuff over from her old place,
  • Moved some of my stuff over from the Warehouse (still lots I haven't moved, but I'm not on a tight schedule),
  • Extracted LOADS of stuff from the flat,
  • Moved furniture in order to vacuum the carpet under it and clean the wainscotts,
  • Put in the new bed (Enormous four-poster! Comfy!),
  • Moved out the fridge from the flat to our neighbour, Russell's,
  • Moved Russell's old, very tired, fridge out for council clean-up,
  • Put the drinks fridge in the van (I'm moving it into the Warehouse this afternoon),
  • Installed Rhi's fridge in the kitchen

Yes, we moved four fridges yesterday. FOUR! We are so mighty. :)
Saturday, we moved the huge, mirrored wall unit into Russell's, too. It was heavier than any of the fridges by quite some way. Thankfully Tom had the incredibly clever idea of putting a screw into one of the holes in the side and looping a piece of cable he had around it, so I could lift it by that, rather than by the (almost hand-hold free) frame. This technique worked very well indeed. Hurray, Tom!

Theres still a few bits to do here and there (there's still some more stuff of mum's I'll take to the Warehouse, for instance), but we're in! Last night was our second night there.
It's good to live with Rhiannon.

Soon, I'll be able to turn the fridge on and we can keep food nice and cold. Hurrah!
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As it's now almost three weeks since I last produced an update that could be called anything other than a quiz - or "meme" if that's what you want to call them (that's not what they are, mind; though I don't so much mind them being called "me me"s) - I figured it was about time.

Things have happened. I've been doing stuff.
Being social is nice.

Getting the new series of Worlds Apart moving has been good, over the last couple of weeks.
Tonight's session wasn't quite as punchy as last, but that's to be expected, given that their big confrontation was last session.
Still, they sure did unearth stuff about these weird butterflies, all right. After chasing them around like loonies for a bit. Heh. Good times.
Yay, magic butterflies!
Also managed to get those poor suckers back out of Siberia, to civilisation. Which ends their poacher-hunting adventure and provides a good point for Kane's character to get off at the station, so to speak.
After Kane took Kristen home, the tone seemed to suddenly change (since they were now back in town and able to ponder such things) and now the game is suddenly "fantasy dating". There are those of you in the audience who know what that means.

Search for work: Little to no movement.
Asked Fisher for more information on their current opening. Recieved no reply. Bummer.
Talked to my old manager for advice. Her advice was to settle for whatever I can find, to get my name out there. I guess that's all I can really do.
Certainly if I can't even get further information on a job opening from something that sounds good.

TAFE has been vaguely okay so far. I made it to zero of my first week's classes, due to illness. Last week, not nearly such an issue. Classes seem possibly slightly less crappy.
"Events and Promotions" looks the most interesting so far.
"Database Searching" is dead last, for excitement.

Plans for moving are looking all right. Utilities stuff discussed. Mum found me my heavy gardening gloves (at least I assume it was her; I guess it could have been the Gardening Tool Fairy), so I can pull out this nasty patch of spiky, spiky weediness.
That'll be good. It'll feel like I'm really doing something.

Rhi, speaking of moving:
Obviously the couch-covering we need is the Couch dress!

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