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Mar. 6th, 2008 03:59 pm
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It's been a long time, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to post about the glory that was my lunch.

I don't know what precisely made my lunch today so very delicious.
Perhaps it was the perfect balance of rice noodles, chicken, vegetables (a healthy blend of broccoli, carrot, capsicum, peas and corn), cashews, honey and soy.
Perhaps it was a moment of utter culinary brilliance when Rhi made it.
Perhaps it had something to do with me feeling so hungry when I ate it.

But whatever it was, it was a delight.
I feel - even now, several hours post-consumption - far better for eating it and warmed by the experience.

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Got up just after six today in order to get off to work by 8.
Work being in Matraville
At the crematorium.
I'm here for the next three weeks, relieving someone who's on leave.
It's pretty quiet right now, as there's not another service until three.

So rainy! It was hailing briefly over here.
It was pitch black when I got out of bed and hasn't brightened up much the rest of the day. I'm so glad that I did lots of washing yesterday. Mmm, nice, clean flannelette sheets.
This morning - besides chill and darkness - brought Rhi making porridge for breakfast to help coax me out of bed. 6 is more her hour than mine, so she was great for getting me going today. It would have been miles harder without her.

I greatly hope that early rising will become easier.

I only just realised quite how long it's been since I updated (May? didn't happen!).
Well, as may be somewhat obvious from my current situation, I signed up with a temp agency. This is the second job they've sent me to (the other was a single day, bundling computer peripherals; I'm liking this one more already).

So, uh, yeah... stuff.
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The engagement party was, I feel, a success. The foods provided by others were delicious (and much appreciated, as we were fretting that we would be understocked, larder-wise). Rhi's pizza and cheese bikkies were tasty (as were her ham and cheese scones, though those didn't get broken out until VERY late in the evening). I was pleased with my own fruit and veggie platter stocking. They went less molested than I'd hoped, but then again, there was a lot of vegetable matter and the fruit wasn't brought out for quite a while. Ah well.

Such lovely presents from such lovely company! They're sitting in a big pile, waiting for our move to the new flat. Yay!

It was so good to see so many friendly, supportive faces. People seemed to have a great time, which is important to me (a few have thanked me after the fact, for such a nice time, which is great).

There were so many more people we could have invited, but space and feeding logistics being what they are, we had to stick to a more modest number.

Many thanks to everyone who made this such a nice experience.
But mostly Rhiannon. :)
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The man who japed wasn't really engaging my interest.
The Princess bride, however...

Work is a little dull this afternoon.
I'm looking forward to this evening.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] malinari86!

I've had the car window replaced. They were really very good: I got out of there in an hour and it was only $155, which is about $200 less than last time this happened.

I got called in to work unexpectedly, yesterday. That was good.

Did a little more present shopping. I still have a little more to do, but not much.

Today, I've done very little of the things I'd intended.
I have finished reading Paycheck and started reading the Man who japed, though.
And ate cashews.
And done stuff online.
So it hasn't been a complete loss.

Work, then James' ([ profile] sim_james) Ghostwalk campaign in the evening.
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Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Very popular, one of you is not enough.
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Had my last Information Industry class tonight.
Handed in both my assignments, which I finished yesterday, for today.
Had a mock job interview, which recieved applause. Heh.

Second-last class of the year. Hurray!

One left.

In even more pleasant news, beetroot is delicious!
Cherries: Likewise. :)


Nov. 3rd, 2005 05:57 pm
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Just about to head into web design. Hope it will be okay.

Tuesday, I went to the cinema by myself, for the second time ever. The first time was almost ten years ago and I disliked the experience so much that I'd eschewed it ever since.
I decided - for reasons that aren't completely transparent to me - to try and berak through what seemed like an almost phobic aversion, so after learning to cover books neatly in contact (and doing a damn fine job on my copy of Archangel, if I do say so myself) I trotted up Broadway and - after a fine lunch at the Landsdowne hotel - into the 1 pm session of Serenity.
Fine film, though I found the waft of Buffy slightly too rank. Enjoyed it a whole hell of a lot, all the same.

Yesterday, Rhi and I went out to lunch with her dad. She - like last time I met him - seemed to dread it more than I thought was really necessary, given how things turned out.
Sure, he likes to talk about the fencing scene a whole lot, but still, I had a pleasant enough time.
Got to see Rhi's old house, which was cool.
I shall be indelicate and say that it made me want to break out the garden shears, but that this is hardly a negative thing, as this domestic urge warms me.
Sure do want this Rhiannon lady in my life, hoo boy. :)

And now, if you will, Mister Music! )
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It's all happening, much though my LJ may not indicate as such lately.

Started my web design module for TAFE yesterday. Relief of reliefs, we're coding in HTML, not working with FrontPage, as I'd been told.
This makes me a much happier me.

Today, I put in my job application to change from casual to permanent part-time.

Tonight, going to a BBQ at Nichi ([ profile] vonwoof) and Charlie's with Rhi ([ profile] regency_rhi).

Most exciting:
Monday, celebrated six months with Rhiannon!
Six unbelievably joyful months already.
Still seems so hard to fathom.

Spent the day watching the whole first season of Coupling, eating cake and chocolate (well, we also ate sandwiches, but who wants to hear about that?), then I went off to work.
Afterward, I collected mum ([ profile] gytha_ogg), Jenn ([ profile] astridthemighty) and Rhi, then we went out to dinner (in aid of our engagement, our six months and my Birthday).
Went to Bogart - a really very nice Italian place snuggled away on Glebe Point Road.
Octopus was tasty.
Veal was yummy.
Tiramisu was scrumptious.
Rhiannon was radiant.
After hearing of our engagement, the host was very excited and insisted on giving us shots of homebrewed limoncello. Lemon sherbets, dissolved in paint thinner, I believe. Strong stuff.
A great night.
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A lot has happened since last time I updated.

Placeholder engagement ring )

Birthday/engagement weekend away )

La boheme )

Actual engagement ring )

Helping people move )

Dan and Jo's party )

Wrought iron and catgirls )

Work, Washing and Wock n' Woll )

Tonight, I get to see Rhiannon again.
Plus: Seeing Kane ([ profile] malinari86) and Kristen ([ profile] thebluefairy) for the first time since their wedding, as they're now returned from their honeymoon.
Plus: Going to see a play ("Emergence", I believe it's called) at the Opera House Playhouse. It has my friend Nick in it.
(above are in descending order of import)

Tomorrow, TAFE class starts back up again. I have a presentation to give. Meh.

"I like to go just like the rest,
I like my sugar sweet
But jumping queues and making haste
Just ain't my cup of meat
Everyone's beneath the trees feeding pigeons on a limb
But when Quinn the Eskimo gets here
All the pigeons gonna run to him"
-The mighty Quinn, Manfred Mann
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In non-chronological order!: )

"I like to wear white in the Winter time
Pay my penance before the crime
Have my reason without the rhyme"
-How do y'all know?, Harry Connick, Jr.
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As it's been more than two weeks since I actually updated, I thought I'd post before I wink out of existance. :)

More... )


Jul. 17th, 2005 09:44 am
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I got up at 8.30 this morning.
Which is a little later than usual.
However, I went to bed at 5.30 yesterday afternoon.

Now, admittedly I'd only had probably 5 hours the night before (though they were a remarkably comfortable and restful 5 hours, from which I didn't feel tired until the afternoon), but that's no reason for doubling my usual amount of sleep.

Yesterday, I had a simply marvellous day.
Friday night, Rhi slept over and yesterday we lazed about, watched Black books and ate ice bean (or "soy ice cream", if you prefer), sitting up in bed.

Day in history: Snuggliest.

After I took my Nannon home, I pottered about for a little while, read another chapter of The island of the day before and talked to mum ([ profile] gytha_ogg) about the plans for the evening. We realised that our theatre timing wasn't going to work with Jenn's choir timing, so (combined with me suddenly feeling very tired) we decided to shift the tickets forward to the 6th of next month.
Then, now overcome by weariness, I went to bed.
And so my day ended promptly, just on sunset.

Today, I shall do some washing before I go to work.
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Time for an actual update, hey what what? )
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Previously, on ... whatever this show is )

That's my day, as planned.
Now, sleep.
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