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Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Very popular, one of you is not enough.
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It's all happening, much though my LJ may not indicate as such lately.

Started my web design module for TAFE yesterday. Relief of reliefs, we're coding in HTML, not working with FrontPage, as I'd been told.
This makes me a much happier me.

Today, I put in my job application to change from casual to permanent part-time.

Tonight, going to a BBQ at Nichi ([ profile] vonwoof) and Charlie's with Rhi ([ profile] regency_rhi).

Most exciting:
Monday, celebrated six months with Rhiannon!
Six unbelievably joyful months already.
Still seems so hard to fathom.

Spent the day watching the whole first season of Coupling, eating cake and chocolate (well, we also ate sandwiches, but who wants to hear about that?), then I went off to work.
Afterward, I collected mum ([ profile] gytha_ogg), Jenn ([ profile] astridthemighty) and Rhi, then we went out to dinner (in aid of our engagement, our six months and my Birthday).
Went to Bogart - a really very nice Italian place snuggled away on Glebe Point Road.
Octopus was tasty.
Veal was yummy.
Tiramisu was scrumptious.
Rhiannon was radiant.
After hearing of our engagement, the host was very excited and insisted on giving us shots of homebrewed limoncello. Lemon sherbets, dissolved in paint thinner, I believe. Strong stuff.
A great night.
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In non-chronological order!: )

"I like to wear white in the Winter time
Pay my penance before the crime
Have my reason without the rhyme"
-How do y'all know?, Harry Connick, Jr.
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In the golden future time!! )

It's raining. Still.
This is bad for my plans of doing washing, so I'll have nice, clean pants to wear for my interview tomorrow.

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