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Looong time since last update, so it's about due.

Rhi and I celebrated our first glorious year on Monday. We combined a romantic (and rather swish) morning tea with scouting for a wedding location. Beautiful grounds and view, but a bastard to get to. It's off the list. Ah well, we enjoyed going, all the same.

Work still haven't given me a single shift. Bastards.

Got back a rejection from Fisher Library about the position for which I applied. No reply at all from anywhere else.

Sent off an email to a recruiter whom Tanith ([ profile] sad_frog) recommended. Maybe nifty things will come of that. Rhi says she has a good feeling about it, so here's hoping.

Necro was good fun. I had a great time helping Rhi run a reprise performance of Request the pleasure. I rather like running freeforms, they're just so much effort to write.

Played lots of top-shelf games over the long weekend, with my highest praises going to the two other previously-run games: Hydra and A third world war. Gripping stuff. I dug them.
The last dragon was outrageously 80s hijinks. Nice.
Born of fire and lightning has some cool experimental content, including unprecedentedly cool sets, very interestingly laid out and in-depth character sheets and a bardic wrap-up, which I thought was a particularly intgriguing experiment, which didn't quite come out right.
Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies! had a vanishingly (and disappointingly) small amount of the titular bunnies. We somehow avoided encountering the character for whom these bunnies were made mention. Ah well. Wacky Cremaine antics, as per Zombies, zombies, zombies. Character sheets could easily have been a lot more informative, though, as they really threw players new to Vampire in at the deep end with little to nothing to work with. Shame, that.
A new world was another fairly experimental freeform, with a very cool-looking version of random character allocation. Ended up a little too paper-chasey, but the concepts were kind of neat. I had an especially interesting typo on my character sheet, which suggested that I would gradually change from Hate into Love, over the course of the game. I was a little sad that this was not so, when I checked with the GMs, but c'est la vie.
James' ([ profile] sim_james) The bells was a stirling intro to the world of Stephen King's The dark tower, if a little linear. Jo - with whom we were playing - seemed to be railing quite hard against the linear nature, but it wasn't too problematic. Especially if one considers the themes of destiny present in the game and setting. I enjoyed it. Good to see Unknown armies put to good use. Gogo Hardened/Failed!
I also ran several games of Strange synery, at Riley's ([ profile] reborne) behest. It was fun to break that out again. Nice game.

Speaking of board games, last week I received three new ones: Snit smashing, Snits' revenge and King's blood. So far I've only played the latter. It's a fast card game of the "get rid of your hand" style, but includes forming genealogies, which meant I was able to very quickly get Rhi on-board to try it out with me. :)

Jaime's "crappy movies based on video games" day of last Friday was a good time, even if we did watch the deplorable trio of Mortal kombat, Mortal kombat : annihilation and Street fighter. Terrible. Just terrible.
It did mean I got to see Jaime and Alice's new place, plus see them for an extended duration.

I finally managed to run another session of Worlds apart : the same tree last Sunday. It was a little quiet, with no real "plot" per se, but people seemed to enjoy the chance to say "what the hell are we doing?". Even hoity nobles question the duty that comes with power, apparently.

Now, home, to prepare for dinner, I think.
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A lot has happened since last time I updated.

Placeholder engagement ring )

Birthday/engagement weekend away )

La boheme )

Actual engagement ring )

Helping people move )

Dan and Jo's party )

Wrought iron and catgirls )

Work, Washing and Wock n' Woll )

Tonight, I get to see Rhiannon again.
Plus: Seeing Kane ([ profile] malinari86) and Kristen ([ profile] thebluefairy) for the first time since their wedding, as they're now returned from their honeymoon.
Plus: Going to see a play ("Emergence", I believe it's called) at the Opera House Playhouse. It has my friend Nick in it.
(above are in descending order of import)

Tomorrow, TAFE class starts back up again. I have a presentation to give. Meh.

"I like to go just like the rest,
I like my sugar sweet
But jumping queues and making haste
Just ain't my cup of meat
Everyone's beneath the trees feeding pigeons on a limb
But when Quinn the Eskimo gets here
All the pigeons gonna run to him"
-The mighty Quinn, Manfred Mann
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As it's been more than two weeks since I actually updated, I thought I'd post before I wink out of existance. :)

More... )
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Time for an actual update, hey what what? )
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Previously, on ... whatever this show is )

That's my day, as planned.
Now, sleep.
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In the golden future time!! )

It's raining. Still.
This is bad for my plans of doing washing, so I'll have nice, clean pants to wear for my interview tomorrow.

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