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Last Night's Dream:
Bleopy returns!
It's what prompted me to actually post the last one, for (dubious) context.

I am playing in a live action political strategy game which is an upside-down version of a "4X" game. We are leaders of incredibly advanced species/cultures who have decided that our cultures must pass away from the universe to clear the way for newer races, but we all have different ideas on what kind of universe we want to leave for those who come later. I am Jorph, a nacreous obelisk. [ profile] jk_rockin is Bleopy, the Archimandrite of Sreeem, a gold and purple plush, flying, spiky fish sort of thing
The game is based around a "4 Fs" structure, of which I can now only remember three: Foster, Forget and Fade.
We have to manipulate universal conditions to be suitable to the kinds of sapient life we want to see thrive, but then we must also stop ourselves from meddling further by forgetting about areas of space (and time?) and then we must fade from the universe at large, whether by dying, uploading into virtual worlds, departing for other dimensions or ascending from our physical forms and becoming beings of pure psychic energy.

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