Feb. 18th, 2014 10:21 pm
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Last Night's Dream:
I'm playing (playtesting?) a mod for GTA V which gives you superpowers: faster running, shooting energy blasts instead of picking up guns, etc. The powers get better as you get a higher Wanted level; while you're "unWanted", you can run at bicycle speeds, jump about 5 metres up, shoot single blasts that are about as good as a handgun, that sort of thing. Once the police are after you, your running is motorcycle speed, you can leap more like 50 metres and can blast in constant streams like a firehose. Once the SWAT teams are broken out, you can fly like a jumpjet, hurl cars about telekinetically and gout devastating explosive balls of energy. The trick is to balance causing terrible devastation (so that you get more power) with not getting killed by the authorities.
There's a fair bit of bleed back and forth between the game and "real life". Sometimes I'm literally sitting in my living room in front of the TV, playing the game and occasionally pausing to make notes; sometimes I'm the character in the game. There's a fairly strong correlation between Wanted level/power and my "presence" in the game.

There is some sort of plot involving rescuing the victims of a people smuggling scam; a sinister boat captain is conning parasol-clutching Regency ladies into coming to 21st century America (with the promise of ... ?), only to sell them into sex slavery. I'm rescuing them in order to get them to teach prostitutes elocution and ... profit? Or something.
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