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Last Night's Dream:
We're in a sunny, white-painted tea room, on a balcony overlooking rolling, grassy hills. We're eating some kind of pastry things kind of like scones, but more ... briochey? They're slathered with cream and this champagne, pepper, orange and strawberry jam (marmalade? I'm not sure of the difference), served from a curvy jar that's shaped a bit like a parfait glass, sitting in a silver ice bucket.
I have Nate on my knee and I'm feeding him a small dollop of cream and jam from a small, elaborate brass spoon. Nate is wearing a little top hat.
Rhiannon is sitting to my left, wearing a bustly Victorian kind of dress, with a wide-brimmed, feather-festooned hat that has Linette's (very much alive, cheerful and talkative) head in the top, at a jaunty angle.
Seated to my right is a translucent white creature shaped a bit like a big bean, with 6 eyes (arranged in three pairs, one atop the next). It is not partaking of the briochey, scone-y things , as it has no mouth. It has a name, but I've forgotten it and I'm feeling too embarassed to confess the fact.
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