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Last Night's Dream:
The aliens have finally come. Our cabal has been waiting, making preparations to greet them.
But our interpretation of the signs were wrong. They didn't want us to change the sky. They didn't want us to give everyone the implants. They wanted to meet the human race as free-willed, sapient beings, not the biddable slaves we've made them.
We thought we'd be rewarded for our work, and in a way, we have. We live in idle comfort, in our palatial prison on the moon. Those of us who are still alive, anyway; two of the other eleven have already killed themselves. But the aliens want to keep us alive. We're the only conscious humans left.
Our mind control satellites have been tasked to return things to how they were, to get people to go back to their lives, to make a credible facsimile of life as it was. Sometimes, they ask us for advice on whether something seems reasonable. We are consultants for the largest museum in the universe.

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