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Last Night's Dream:
Another 3D printing-based roleplaying dream! Here, the players are elite operatives in a paramilitary/spy agency (which didn't get named within the dream), tasked with thwarting the dastardly misdeeds of M.E.N.A.C.E.: Mercenary Espionage Network A-something C-something E-something (possibly A-something Chaos Extreme, based on the way M.E.N.A.C.E. operatives would salute with the phrase "Chaos Extreme!"), in a cyber-futuristic setting that reminds me of a cross between C.O.P.S. and Syndicate.
Jack is a broad Aussie stereotype in an slouch hat, who wields “Holo-Blades”- big knives with blue, translucent plastic blades (and are certainly never used on people)– and has a cybernetic right arm, which he uses to unleash a power punch attack that seems to be referencing the boxing kangaroo cliché.
Paige is a ninja-y, sniper-y kind of character with cybernetic legs and a huge laser rifle, which she uses to blow out vehicle tyres, blow up robots and collapse things on people. For some reason, she’s Italian. Or at least she talks in a terrible “It’s-a me! Mario! Mama-mia, what a pizza!” kind of voice. She always has a big cigar that’s faintly smouldering, but she never actually smokes it.
Paul is a moustachioed “Pip-pip! Right-o, chaps!”-British demolitions expert. I don’t know what Paul’s real fake British accent is like, but dream-Paul’s efforts are hilariously woeful. He doesn’t seem to have any cybernetics (unless one counts a cup and saucer).
Kristen is cybernetically interfaced with an amphibious tank named “The Hippo”. She has big electronic goggles that let her drive The Hippo and do some kind of nebulous computer-y hacking thing. Whenever she’s not wearing the goggles, they’re propped up on her head in a way that’s reminiscent of Princess Leia hair (I blame her Facebook picture). She is, mercifully, not an ethnic stereotype.

As with the previous dream, all the figures and accessories and vehicles and stuff comes out of a central playset building, but this building is like an office block or military headquarters.

The leader of M.E.N.A.C.E. is played by Nick, who appears to be the same cackling sorcerer as in the other dream, but there’s a sense that his magic is actually technological? Certainly his magical schemes are revealed (in Scooby Doo-like fashion) to be convoluted techno-trickery, but he’s also hinted as being literally the same character as in the other game, so is he from another dimension? Is this the chrome future of the other setting? Is the other setting the distant, post-apocalypse future of this one? All of these things seem possible.

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