Nov. 13th, 2014

the_benj: (Tripe on tap)

Tuesday Night's Dream:

We are a musical theatre company, touring a production of an "Oliver!"-esque steampunk pickpockets and hucksters musical called "The Good Kind of Haunted".

Or, rather, this is a TV show about that company, a bit like "Smash". We jump back and forth between the world of the musical and our real lives. There's quite a lot of singing in the musical, but not in our real lives. We don't express our feelings through singing*, but through stealing things with,for or from each other in the various cities we tour through.
Strangeways Pizzadarts (Sarah Mason) is one of the chorus dancers in the show, but also an acrobatic catburglar. She's stealing a moon rock from a museum in Delaware (by flipping through lasers) for Ricky (Luke Lancaster), who she's worried has been losing interest in her and has been spending too much time with Yancy (Anna Autio).

*Except for Inspector LeChevre's ([ profile] iamagoatgirl) song about how she knows we're up to no good and she's going to prove it, but that hardly counts, she's not part of the company.

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