Feb. 1st, 2014

the_benj: (Tripe on tap)
Last night's dream:
I'm at a street festival and evening is rolling in. High above, trapeze artists flip back and forth between the office blocks.
People are crowded against the fence around an abandoned lot where a performance is beginning. Dozens of dancers whirl. A tall, thin, bearded man with dreads down to his waist emerges. He introduces himself as "James Bond 007".
A crewmember comes up to me and asks me if I'll do the puppetry for Catwoman. I agree and he takes me to a long trestle table covered in stuffed toys. He tells me to choose all the cats I can carry. There are no cats at all. I settle on a wombat, an owl and a bear.
Catwoman faces off with James Bond 007. At her signal, I tickle him with stuffed animals.
Afterward, Niccola is pounced on by a huge dog, so black that it dims the electric lights nearby. They play happily for a while.
I'm feeling frustrated, trying to remember a word. Leigh and Lisa are trying to help. Eventually, I just describe the thing I'm thinking of: how when most humans are born, another animal is born with them. And why doesn't anyone else think that's weird?

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