Jan. 25th, 2014

the_benj: (Tripe on tap)
Last Night's Dream:
I'm racked with indecision. There are two parties on tonight and I can't choose. I feel strong obligation to go to each and they each sound like they're going to be great. I'm sitting on the couch, trying to go through pros and cons for them.
Now I'm at a party, chatting with Matthew. He gets a phone call and steps aside to take it. His expression grows suprised and he glances back at me, saying "Are you ... sure?"
He holds the phone to his chest.
"It's Rhiannon. She says she called to tell me you died?"
I take the phone and get a confused tale from Rhi: we were talking when I started thrashing and screaming in agony. After 5 minutes of that, I exploded, leaving behind only a bright flash.
I tell her I'll be home soon, as soon as I check something.
I get in the car and drive. Soon, I arrive at a hill leading down to a dock. My car is parked on the hill.
I get out, walking down to the dock, stepping onto the brightly-lit ship, navigating the well-dressed partygoers. Seated at a table, playing a boardgame, clad in a tuxedo, I find myself. I look surprised. We reach out and touch each other. Now there's one again.

Later: I am stapling egg cartons to the walls of our storage room, as soundproofing, and trying to work up as much enthusiasm for going to work as I have for staying home. It only works if I'm torn.

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